Mission and Vision Statement


To realise our vision we will:

  • Provide an up-to-date community facility that is attractive, accessible, welcoming and appealing for all
  • Ensure members of the community contribute to the running and development of BMCA
  • Provide and care for a thriving, welcoming Community Centre where all are made to feel valued and safe whilst giving the opportunity to learn, develop and engage in positive activities
  • Seek funding to ensure the sustainability and success of the project
  • Publicise the work of the organisation to ensure people know about its services and are able to access them or contribute to them
  • Ensure that BMCA has at its heart a respect for the people it serves and expect to see that respect reflected in the local communities and beyond


  • Success                        We expect to achieve success for individuals, groups and the community and celebrate when we achieve it
  • Listening                      We seek out, listen and act upon the communities hopes, concerns and aspirations.
  • Participation              We seek the active participation of family and community in the development of children, young people and older people at the Centre
  • Diversity                      We celebrate the diversity of our community and work for everyone to have equal access to our provision
  • Respect                        We respect all users and members of our community, ensuring everyone feels welcome and able to participate
  • Valuing staff               Staff and volunteers are given support and opportunities for development and their contributions are recognised and rewarded



Our Objectives, as stated in the Barlow Moor Community Association Limited Articles of Memoranda are to:

  • Promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Barlow Moor and its environs together defined by the area bounded by Cundiff Road, Barlow Moor Road, the River Mersey, Borrowdale Crescent and Oaker Avenue (hereinafter called the “area of benefit”) without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions by associating together the said inhabitants and the local authorities, voluntary or other organisations in a common effort to advance education, and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants;
  • Secure the establishment of a Community Centre (hereinafter called “the Centre”) and to maintain and manage the same (whether alone or in co-operation with any local authority or other person or body) in furtherance of these objects.


From these we draw the following Organisational Aims and Objectives:


BMCA Limited aims to create and suistain a new community space within improved facilities that enables local childrent, young people, adults and older people to improve their life chances and to maximise their potential and opportunities to improve their well being and quality of life, specifically

  • Increase access for local people to employment and economic well-being through opportunities to gain skills, confidence and knowledge Children, young people and adults have improved chances in life through increased access to education and employment opportunities and develop a culture of Liifelong learning and development.
  • Enable and empower young people to have a strong social and personal identity, achieve their potential and make a successful transition to adult life.
  • Enable and empower older people to have a safe, healthy and enjoyable quality of life by reducing the risk of isolation and loneliness in older people, resulting in improved mental and general health and wellbeing for the individual.
  • Increase opportunities to learning and provide facilities for children and families to  develop the confidence and skills required to reach their full potential, gain positive social and personal skills, become confident and build lasting friendships. (Outcome develop the skills and motivation  to continue to access learning and development opportunities
  • Enable people to be better informed about issues that affect them and able to take actions to improve their lives through access to information, advice and guidance.
  • Enable people to enjoy the wider environment through activities on the streets, at parks, trips and residentials
  • The project will take a holistic and hands on approach to dealing with a multitude of complex issues facing people living in a deprived community.


  • Run an accessible community centre for all ages and abilities
  • Provide an adult education programme with partners
  • Provide an information and advice service with access to local councillors, health providers, police and other services.
  • Encourage and enabling local peopeol to take an active part in the Management, delivery and development of all service delivery, development and evaluation.
  • Provide a diverse youth curriculum with young people taking a lead role in its running
  • Provide a luncheon club, advice service, activities and trips for older people
  • Provide crèche, play provision and holiday activities for children
  • House the local Credit Union
  • Improve  access to information about the centre’s facilities by working with the current service users, community to develop marketing and promotion materials and activities including:
  • Newsletter
  •  Exploiting digital technologies
    • Web site
    • Twitter
    • BBM Messenger
    • Internet based Community Radio
    • Community Reporters
    • Inter-generational collobarotion on content
    • Services for members of the local community who have partial sight impairement i.e. Audio  Residents are able to use Barlow Moor Voices to publicise their activities; they also use the BMCA community newsletter, web-site, Facebook page and community notice boards

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