Health & Wellbeing Zone

We care about the physical and mental wellbeing of our Community and we recognise that there is a huge range of societal factors that affect this.
Good health and wellbeing brings many benefits for all of us. Healthier people tend to be happier, tend to play an active role and contribute to society and the economy through their families, local communities and workplaces.
The Health & well-being zone provides opportunities to improve Health & wellbeing by holding a number of activities that enable the community to engage in five ways to well-being.


Community events, exercise classes, cooking, craft sessions, bingo, lunches, days out, and annual holidays.


Chair based exercises, walks, dancing.


Community events, encouraging members of the group to be involved in the wider community, providing newspapers, magazines, and computers.


Computer sessions are available with the use of laptops, sewing, knitting, and crocheting lessons are available, and learning how to cook healthily for one,


The Over 60’s project offer the chance for volunteers to give to their community by sharing their experiences, skills, and time.
If you have any new ideas for activities come in for a chat and let’s plan for the future.

The Wellbeing Project

The wellbeing project will invite  members of the community aged 25+ to be involved in a variety of events and activities to interact, meet and develop friendships and provide opportunities to make a positive change in yourself and you community.
Over the coming months the wellbeing project will be offering, amongst other things –

  • Cultural EventsTheatre TripsEducational VisitsHealth Check days

Come on in and visit the Zone and help us plan the new weight control programme for all ages, start our Darts Team, re-invigorate our medal winning Kurling Team—we dare you. Come in and have a nosey, join in and tell us what you would like to be available in the Zone.

Over 60’s Service Group

Funded by the Manchester City Council’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Grant. This service provides the following activities –

  • Arts & Crafts
    Cooking Classes
    Exercise Classes
    Social activities
    Luncheon Club